A propos d'EclairPlay

EclairPlay is a content platform specifically designed for cinema exhibitors, distributors, content owners. Our simple-to-use service allows cinema exhibitors to access feature and trailer DCPs, marketing and promotional materials, all within one secure platform. With EclairPlay, movie theaters are just three clicks away from resources they need to successfully fulfill their mission. For distributors and rights holders, EclairPlay provides a direct connection to exhibitors, film programmers and buyers. It can facilitate direct communication for bookings, in addition to being a cost-effective and efficient DCP delivery platform.

Available anywhere on any connected device, EclairPlay is now available in United States, Australia, France, Belgium & Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom and RoI, Denmark; with more European countries coming soon.

To learn more about EclairPlay and our serverless solution EclairExpress please contact our sales team: Véronique Villamizar ( / +33 6 07 82 98 23).